MSG LMAC 30 Centrifugal Air Compressor

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The MSG LMAC is an integrally geared centrifugal compressor that has been optimized for applications in air separation units (ASU) as the main air compressor (MAC). The compressor package is designed for ease of installation, operation and maintenance, and to comply with various design code requirements for global installations. The MSG LMAC is available in three models that have been aerodynamically optimized to serve as the MAC in ASUs producing 150 to 400 tons of oxygen per day (TPD).


MSG LMAC 30 Centrifugal Air Compressor


The volumetric composition of dry atmospheric air is ~78% nitrogen and ~21% oxygen, with the remaining ~1% being made of argon, carbon dioxide and trace amounts of other gases. These gases can be separated in an air separation process where the air is compressed, cooled and separated by molecular weight in a “cold box.” Once separated, the gases are again compressed for storage, transportation, or further processing. Ingersoll Rand has the technologies and resources to provide the main air compressor (MAC), booster air compressor (BAC), nitrogen gas compressor (GAN), nitrogen recycle compressor (NRC), and argon gas compressors.

The MSG LMAC is designed specifically to fulfil the role of the MAC with optimized aerodynamic efficiency. Interstage coolers are implemented after each stage of compression to remove the heat of compression and achieve high isothermal efficiency. The MAC is the heart of the ASU; its efficient and reliable operation is critical to the success and viability of the ASU project.


MSG LMAC compressors are designed to deliver peak performance throughout the entire compressor operating range and feature:

  • Custom, 5-axis milled impellers for process-specific aerodynamic designs
  • Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV)
  • High-efficiency intercoolers and optional aftercooler


MSG LMAC compressors are designed to withstand the rigors of a long and demanding service life with:

  • Tapered rider ring thrust collars to absorb loads at low speed
  • Tilting pad radial bearings
  • AGMA 13 rated bullgear and pinion gears


The highly accessible, standardized design allows for shortened delivery times and ease-of-installation/maintenance by providing:

  • Standard engineering drawings
  • Package-mounted intercoolers and terminal box/MAESTRO™ Universal control system
  • Horizontally split gearbox
  • Side-mounted lubrication console with duplex oil filters standard
  • Compressor sub-base


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