MSG TURBO-AIR 20000 Centrifugal Air & Gas Compressor

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The MSG TURBO-AIR 20000 is a custom-engineered centrifugal compressor built for individual customer needs for a variety of applications. It is particularly well-suited for multi-stage, dual-process applications.


MSG TURBO-AIR 20000 Centrifugal Air & Gas Compressor


MSG TURBO-AIR compressors offer outstanding design flexibility. MSG compressors are application engineered with numerous available configurations:

  • Flows from 70 to 3800 m3/min (2500 to 135,000 CFM)
  • Input capacity to over 18,650 kW (25,000 hp)
  • Discharge pressures to 100 barg (1450 psig)


Oil-Free Air and Gas
  • Prevents system contamination
  • Reduces the potential for compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carryover
  • No costly waste disposal associated with oil-laden condensate
  • Eliminates the expense and maintenance of oil separation filters at the discharge

High Reliability

MSG TURBO-AIR centrifugal compressors are designed to be extremely

reliable due to:

  • Conservative high-quality gear design
  • Long-life pinion bearing design
  • Thrust loads absorbed at low speed
  • Stainless steel compression elements

Low Compressor Operating Life Cycle Cost

MSG TURBO-AIR centrifugal compressors provide better overall operating efficiency than positive displacement or other centrifugal compressors.

  • Excellent efficiencies at full load, part load and no load
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Increased uptime from high-reliability design (limits the need for multiple unit installations for basic reliability reasons)
  • No sliding or rubbing parts in the compression process that can cause wear and thereby efficiency loss

Easy Operation/Maintenance

  • State-of-the-art MAESTRO control systems
  • Fully automated operation for any process conditions
  • Machine self-diagnostics
  • Compression elements do not wear or require periodic replacement
  • Accessible horizontally split gearbox for quick inspection
  • Removable intercooler and aftercooler bundles for easy cleaning

Simple Installation

  • Compressor, lubrication system, intercoolers, shaft coupling, coupling guard, interconnecting piping, etc. on a common base
  • Easy installation with no special foundation requirements
  • Easy component accessibility
  • Site connection point flexibility
  • Reduced floor space required
  • Dynamic compression process is pulsation-free, so installation of additional dampening equipment is not required.


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