Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor Systems 2 – 30kW (3 – 40hp)

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When efficiency, quiet operation, low maintenance and a small footprint are critical, Scroll Air Compressors are the smart choice. Their compact and innovative design make them ideal for many commercial applications where reliable oil-free air is required. Our Scroll Compressors deliver more flow per kW in most cases and reach pressures up to 145 psi in a single stage of compression with no metal to metal contact anywhere – therefore the technology requires no lubrication resulting in high quality oil-free air.


Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor Systems 2 – 30kW (3 – 40hp)

  • Innovative Multiplex Design that allows operating the exact number of compressors to match your demand with part-load efficiency.
  • Nearly silent operation using the quietest compression technology and fewer moving parts for a lower vibration and a healthy work environment.
  • Fewer components and less consumables for higher reliability resulting in longer life, less maintenance and longer service intervals.
  • Smaller footprint with a compact compressor and an aftercooler that provides sufficient cooling with a low temperature difference (CTD) to reduced air treatment equipment taking up less floor space.
  • Cool operation with the integral radial flow fan that creates built-in intercooling without the need for additional auxiliary fan help for a reliable operation.


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