Introducing MLT Super Screw Splicing Solution


This week we will be introducing a new product to our range through our distributors partners MLT Group & Tru-Trac Rollers. Our teams will be on the road visiting the mines to showcase this new solution to engineering problems and offering trial runs.

MLT Super Screw Splicing is an innovative fast solution for splicing your belts. MLT Super Screw is a solution if you are facing the following challenges:

  • Downtime of machine
  • Installation with difficult access
  • Inclement weather conditions
  • Staff safety testing time
  • Heavy materials investment
  • Requirement of technician to install

To answer to these constraints, MLT has developed an unique and innovative splice for belts: Super-Screw®.
This patented, incomparable splice provides a solution to all your installation problems.
SUPER-SCREW® considerably reduces any downtime. It can bear all type of tensions up to 250N/mm (failure stress belt up to 2500N/mm) It is available in several options of rubber, listed on the Super-Screw® brochure.

Thanks to the screwing system, the Super-Screw® can be installed regardless of the:
• Configuration of the conveyor belt
• Access conditions
• Weather conditions
• Temperature (-30°F up to +200°F flash)
The screws which are specifically designed to be both self-drilling and self-tapping. They pierce the fibers of the the belt, without cutting them.

Simple and practical, the SUPER-SCREW® is done for you !

Super-Screw® range

All type of super screw lacing

Available quality of rubber:

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The advantages:
• Considerably optimizes your productivity
• Easy to install
• 3 times faster than your current system
• Under any weather conditions
• Leak proof
• Flexible
• High longevity
• High tensile strength
• Compatible with small pulley diameter
• Compatible with conveyor scraper

Have a look at this video for an easy & fast installation of MLT Super Screw.

Need more information or Demonstration on the MLT Super Screw? Contact our Sales Team today & book for an appointment.